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At Farm Credit Midsouth we provide risk management services to protect your investment and profit. We not only want to help you achieve your dreams, we want to help you protect them.

As a farmer or rancher in the Arkansas and Missouri Delta, you know the weather can change in an instant, and more often than not, for the worse. With all of the uncontrollable factors associated with farming, it’s important to go to every length to protect your livelihood out in the field. Farm Credit Midsouth offers crop insurance plans with affordable rates and fast, fair claims to help you do just that.

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Production-based coverage against a yield loss. MPCI policies are a risk management tool available to agricultural producers. Producers should consider how a policy will work in conjunction with their other risk management strategies to ensure the best possible outcome each crop year. Farm Credit Midsouth has insurance representatives with years of experience willing to assist you in developing a management plan that works for your operation.

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Policy Types

Actual Production History (APH)

  • Provides protection for production losses due to natural causes
  • Prices established annually by RMA
  • Provides coverage for crops without publicly traded prices
  • Producer’s history is used to establish guaranteed bushels per acre

Yield Protections (YP)

  • Similar to APH crops
  • Provides protection for production losses due to natural causes
  • Projects prices determined by certain futures markets
  • Producer’s history is used to establish guaranteed bushels per acre

Revenue Protection (RP)

  • Provides protection for production losses due to natural causes
  • Also provides revenue protection
  • Projected prices and harvest prices determined by certain futures markets
  • Producer’s history is used to establish guaranteed revenue per acre

Whole Farm Risk Protection (WFRP)

  • WFRP is a risk management safety net for all commodities on the farm under one insurance policy
  • It provides protection against the loss of revenue the producer expects to earn or obtain
  • Deadline to sign up for WRFP is February 28

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Coverage Levels

Catastrophic Risk Protection (CAT)

  • 50% Coverage Level
  • 55% Price Election
  • Provides Minimal Coverage for Bushel Guarantee
  • Basic Units Only
  • Excludes Replant Payments and Fire/Hail Exclusions


  • 50-85% Coverage Levels (availability varies by crop and county)
  • 100% Price Election
  • Options Vary By Plan

Why Work with Us for Insurance?

Dedicated Specialists

Our insurance specialists focus 100% of their time on crop and livestock insurance – every working day of every week in the year. They don’t sell property or casualty insurance.

Highly Trained

Our insurance staff receives annual training on RMA changes to crop and livestock insurance plans and stay informed throughout the year.

Financial Expertise

As a lender, we understand financial risk and work to protect your working capital, not just your crop and livestock.

A field being tilled by a machine
A buttefly on a leaf of a crop

Crop Hail Insurance

Provides value per acre protection against hail loss, vandalism, fire, transit and storage protection. Crop hail insurance is a non-subsidized crop insurance program. It gives supplemental, acre-by-acre protection to reflect the actual cash value of the crop, covering the gaps that an MPCI policy does not cover. Producers can choose the crop, acreage, and guarantee level that works best for their operation. Farm Credit Midsouth specialists can customize a policy to cover the gaps in your multi-peril or enterprise unit coverage. Protect your investments by calling Farm Credit Midsouth for a crop hail insurance premium quote today.

Crop Hail Insurance Key Benefits

  • Protection for the full value of your crop
  • Acre-by-acre coverage for protection from isolated damages
  • Provides additional coverage for enterprise units
  • Immediate and two-hour coverage
  • Competitive rates
  • Variable deductibles
  • Cash discounts may be available

Farm Credit Midsouth currently writes with six different insurance companies in order to find the best coverage and product features that fit the risk management needs of your operation.

Additional Crop Hail Insurance Coverage

  • Green Snap. Unrecoverable ears due to stalks severed or broken at the node and below the ear.
  • Wind. Covers damage for specified crop by wind when hail destroys five percent or more of the crop during the same occurrence. Also covers wind loss interpreted to mean injury to plant above the ground, by breaking off or over of straws by wind.
  • Replant Coverage. Provides additional replant options to certain crops, in addition to your multi-peril coverages.
  • Store Grained Coverage. Covers stored grain from previous year and a portion of the mileage for transit coverage for grain from storage to first place of sale.
  • Fire Coverage. Coverage is applied when the crop is in field or transit and a fire destroys the crop.
  • Dry Bean Rejection. Covers losses when dry beans are rejected for processing purposes due to spoilage in direct result of the hail damage.
Sprouts growing out of the ground
Close up of some healthy crops
A field with crops frozen over

Revenue Coverage Insurance

Guarantees revenue per acre with price protection. Revenue coverage insurance provides protection against lost revenue caused by production loss, price increase or decrease, or a combination of yield and price.

Revenue Coverage Insurance Key Benefits

  • Production-based coverage protects the producer against a yield loss.

Additional Revenue Coverage Insurance Coverage

  • Prevented planting and replant coverage are part of the policy.
  • High-risk land rates and written agreements are available.
  • If enrolled in price loss coverage (PLC), the supplemental coverage option (SCO) can be added to a revenue coverage insurance policy. It adds area-based coverage to individual insurance plans.
A close up of crops in a field, with a blue sky in the background

Crop Insurance Deadlines

MPCI Sales Closing* February 28
Spring Acreage Reporting July 15
Forage/Rye Sales Closing* September 30
Forage/Rye Acreage Reporting November 15
PRF Rainfall Sales Closing* November 15
PRF Acreage Reporting November 15

*Sales Closing: Applications, Changes, and Cancellations

Loss Reporting Deadlines

Corn Silage, Dry Peas September 30
Forage October 15
Barley, Flax, Oats, Rye, Wheat October 31
Canola, Dry Beans, Mustard, Safflower October 31
Sunflowers November 30
Corn Grain, Soybeans December 10

Farm Credit Midsouth is an equal opportunity provider. Insurance is available to all qualifying producers regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status.

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