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Play in the country! When you live in town or in the city, sometimes you want a place to go where you and your family and friends can breathe free and have fun. Whether your country recreation is hunting, fishing, hiking or exploring the land on an ATV, having a spot to call your own makes it easier. We can help by offering long-term financing at competitive rates. You just add “the fun.”

Buying your own land for recreational purposes like horseback riding, hunting or fishing doesn’t have to be a dream, Farm Credit Midsouth has the lending solutions to make it a reality. You work hard and enjoy your free time. If that means hunting, fishing or having your own land to explore via four-wheeler, we can finance it.

A hunter and his lab in a duck blind calling ducks

Recreational Property Loans Available

  • Hunting/Fishing Property
  • Weekend Retreat
  • Country Home, Barndominium or Cabin Construction
  • Retirement or Family Legacy Property
  • Any Size Acreage
  • Down Payment is Lower than What Other Lenders Require
  • Competitive, Long-Term Fixed Interest Rates (Rates Never Balloon)
  • 10 to 30-Year Terms (We’ll Work With Your Needs.)

Recreational Property Loan Advantages

  • We lend on bare land for recreational purchases.

    At Farm Credit Midsouth we lend on bare land for recreational purposes with a minimum of 10 acres that includes at least five acres of cleared land or 20 acres of wooded land.

  • We offer fixed-rate loans on bare land.

    It’s difficult to find fixed-rate financing for bare land. At Farm Credit Midsouth we offer the security of a fully fixed-rate loan as well as adjustable rate options to choose from.

  • Choose the term and down payment options that fit.

    Our loans are truly amortized with no balloon payments, and you can choose the term and down payment that are right for you. You can also stretch out the term of your loan over a longer period.

Agricultural Financing

Many may think of agricultural financing in the Delta area as primarily focused on rice and cotton, but we know local agriculture like global agriculture is diverse. We welcome agriculturalists of all scales. We work with them and their unique operations to better the agricultural economy in Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. Whether you farm 15,000 acres, raise organic produce to sell at the Farmers’ Market, run cattle, have poultry houses or raise honeybees, we offer agricultural financial products to help you grow and prosper.

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